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فهرست ارائه‌های پژوهشی

مقالات ارائه‌شده به عنوان پروژه‌ی پژوهشی درس هندسه‌ی محاسباتی در این صفحه فهرست شده‌اند.

نیم‌سال دوم ۱۴۰۰-۱۳۹۹

  • Fatemeh Golchin: Rock Climber Distance: Frogs versus Dogs. By Hugo A. Akitaya, Leonie Ryvkin, and Csaba D. Tóth. CCCG 2019.
  • Mohammad Hadi Asadi: Sparse Convex Hull Coverage. By Georgiy Klimenko, Benjamin Raichel, and Gregory Van Buskirk. CCCG 2020.
  • Ali Hatamshoar: Red-Blue Point Separation for Points on a Circle. By Neeldhara Misra, Harshil Mittal, and Aditi Sethia. CCCG 2020.
  • Mohammad Ahmadimehr: The ε-t-Net Problem. By Noga Alon, Bruno Jartoux, Chaya Keller, Shakhar Smorodinsky, and Yelena Yuditsky SoCG 2020.
  • Hamed Kalantari: Minimum Ply Covering of Points with Convex Shapes. By Ahmad Biniaz and Zhikai Lin. CCCG 2020.
  • Erfan Valoubian: Convex Hull Complexity of Uncertain Points. By Hongyao Huang and Benjamin Raichel. CCCG 2020.
  • Helia Karisani: External Exploration of a Convex Polygon. By Kyle Clarkson and William Evans. CCCG 2020.
  • Negar Sakhaei: Dynamic Geometric Set Cover and Hitting Set. By Pankaj K. Agarwal, Hsien-Chih Chang, Subhash Suri, Allen Xiao, and Jie Xue. SoCG 2020.
  • Jafar Gholamzadeh: Fair Covering of Points by Balls. By Daniel Lokshtanov, Chinmay Sonar, Subhash Suri, and Jie Xue. CCCG 2020.
  • Ehsan Rayatpishe: Folding Small Polyominoes into a Unit Cube. By Kingston Yao Czajkowski, Erik D. Demaine, Martin L. Demaine, Kim Eppling, and Robby Kraft. CCCG 2020.
  • Niloofar Arazkhani: Covering Points with Pairs of Concentric Disks. By Anil Maheshwari, Saeed Mehrabi, Sasanka Roy, and Michiel Smid. CCCG 2020.
  • Mohammadreza Daneshvaramoli: Fast Algorithms for Geometric Consensuses. By Sariel Har-Peled, and Mitchell Jones. SoCG 2020.
  • Mohammad Rostami: Path Planning in a Weighted Planar Subdivision Under the Manhattan Metric. By Mansoor Davoodi, Hosein Enamzadeh, and Ashkan Safari. CCCG 2020.
  • MohammadHossein Azizipour: Computing Low-Cost Convex Partitions for Planar Point Sets Based on a Memetic Approach. By Laurent Moalic, Dominique Schmitt, Julien Lepagnot, and Julien Kritter. SoCG 2020.
  • Amir Hossein Maleki: Blind Voronoi Game. By Omid Gheibi and Hamid Zarrabi-Zadeh. CCCG 2020.
  • Iman Gholami: Non-Crossing Matching of Online Points. By Prosenjit Bose, Paz Carmi, Stephane Durocher, Shahin Kamali, and Arezoo Sajadpour. CCCG 2020.
  • Mohammad Shahverdi: On Multi-Dimensional Team Formation. By Thomas Schibler, Ambuj Singh, and Subhash Suri. CCCG 2019.

نیم‌سال دوم ۹۹-۱۳۹۸

  • Mohammad Hadi Asadi: Watchtower for k-crossing Visibility. By Yeganeh Bahoo, Prosenjit Bose, and Stephane Durocher. CCCG 2019.
  • Mohammad Aletaha: A Simple Randomized Algorithm for All Nearest Neighbors. By Soroush Ebadian and Hamid Zarrabi-Zadeh. CCCG 2019
  • Mohammad Nakhaei: I/O Optimal Data Structures for Categorical Range Skyline Queries. By Arnab Ganguly, Daniel Gibney, Rahul Shah, and Sharma V. Thankachan. CCCG 2019.
  • Mohammad Ansari: Away from Rivals. By Kazuyuki Amano and Shin-Ichi Nakano, CCCG 2018.
  • Mohammad Javad Eslami Bidgoli: Largest Triangle inside a Terrain. By Arun Kumer Das, Sandip Das, and Joydeep Mukherjee. CCCG 2019.
  • Peyman Jabbarzadeh: Compatible Paths on Labelled Point Sets. By Elena Arseneva, Yeganeh Bahoo, Ahmad Biniaz, Pilar Cano, Farah Chanchary, John Iacono, Kshitij Jain, Anna Lubiw, Debajyoti Mondal, Khadijeh Sheikhan and Csaba D. Toth. CCCG 2018.
  • Seyyed Amirmahdi Mirfakhar: Three-Coloring Three-Dimensional Uniform Hypergraphs. By Ahmad Biniaz, Prosenjit Bose, Jean Cardinal, and Michael Payne. CCCG 2019.
  • Mohamadreza Vilani: The Lighthouse Problem. By Bengt J. Nilsson and Pawel Zylinski. CCCG 2019.
  • Ahmad Khanalizadeh: Peeling Digital Potatoes. By Loic Crombez, Guilherme Dias da Fonseca, and Yan Gerard. CCCG 2019.
  • Hadis Sanei Mousavi: Simple Fold and Cut Problem for Line Segments. By Guoxin Hu, Shin-ichi Nakano, Ryuhei Uehara, and Takeaki Uno. CCCG 2019.
  • Mojtaba Fayaz-Bakhsh: An Optimal Algorithm for Maintaining Connectivity of Wireless Network on a Line. By Shimin Li, Zhongjiang Yan, and Jingru Zhang. CCCG 2019.
  • Hamid Reza Hedayati: Rock Climber Distance: Frogs versus Dogs. By Hugo Akitaya, Leonie Ryvkin, and Csaba Toth. CCCG 2019.
  • Farehe Soheil: A MapReduce Algorithm for Metric Anonymity Problems. By Sepideh Aghamolaei, Mohammad Ghodsi, and Seyyed Hamid Miri. CCCG 2019.
  • Ali Mortazavi: Approximate Convex Hull of Data Streams. By Blum, V. Braverman, A. Kumar, H. Lang, and L. F. Yang. ICALP 2018.

نیم‌سال اول ۹۸-۱۳۹۷

  • Sina Farahzad: Finding Minimum Witness Sets in Orthogonal Polygons. By Aldana-Galvan et al. CCCG 2018.
  • Ehsan Karimiara: Threadable Curves. By Joseph O’Rourke and Emmely Rogers. CCCG 2018.
  • Mohammad Mahdi Habibollahi: Packing Boundary-Anchored Rectangles. By Biedl, Biniaz, Maheshwari, Mehrabi. CCCG 2017.
  • Mojtaba Ansari: Bottleneck bichromatic full Steiner tree. By Abu-Affash, Bhore, Carmi, Chakraborty. CCCG 2017.
  • Pouyan Shirzadian: On the Coverage of Points in the Plane by Disks Centered at a Line. By Logan Pedersen and Haitao Wang. CCCG 2018.
  • Arash Beikmohammadi: Recognition of Triangulation Duals of Simple Polygons With and Without Holes. By Martin Derka, Alejandro Lopez-Ortiz, and Daniela Maftuleac. CCCG 2016.
  • Reza Bigdeli: kth Nearest Neighbor Sampling in the Plane. By Kirk Gardner and Don Sheehy. CCCG 2016.
  • Ali Taheri: Partitions of planar point sets into polygons. By Diwan, Roy. CCCG 2016.
  • Shervin Naseri: Counting Convex k-gons in an Arrangement of Line Segments. By Martin Fink, Neeraj Kumar, Subhash Suri. CCCG 2016.
  • Mohammad Reza Kasnavi: Optimal Solutions for a Geometric Knapsack Problem using Integer Programming. By Cano, de Souza, and de Rezende, CCCG 2018.
  • Ehsan Moradi: Minimum Enclosing Circle Problem with Base Point. By Binay Bhattacharya and Lily Li. CCCG 2017.
  • Mohammad Reza Bahrami: Geometric Fingerprint Recognition via Oriented Point-Set Pattern Matching. Eppstein, Goodrich, Jorgensen, and Torres. CCCG 2018.
  • Hossein Nafifsi-Asl: Packing Plane Spanning Trees into a Point Set. By Biniaz and Garcia. CCCG 2018.

نیم‌سال اول ۹۷-۱۳۹۶

  • Ali Tabatabaee: Minimizing the Total Movement for Movement to Independence Problem on a Line. By Mehrdad Ghadiri and Sina Yazdanbod. CCCG 2016.
  • Mahdi Ramezani: Power Domination on Triangular Grids. By Bose, Pennarun, and Verdonschot. CCCG 2017.
  • Sina Mansour: Sharing a pizza: bisecting masses with two cuts. By Barba, Luis, and Patrick Schnider. CCCG 2017.
  • Pooya Mosaddegh: On the Number of Forceless Hint Sequences in Paint-by-Numbers Puzzles. By Berend and Zucker. CCCG 2016.
  • Hamid Miri: A Problem on Track Runners. By Dumitrescu and Toth. CCCG 2017.
  • Leyla Biabani: Nearest-Neighbor Search Under Uncertainty. By Boris Aronov, John Iacono, and Khadijeh Sheikhan. CCCG 2017.
  • Amirahmad Chapnevis: 2D Closest Pair Problem: A Closer Look. By Ovidiu Daescu and Ka Yaw Teo. CCCG 2017.
  • Mohammad Zabolian: A Seed Placement Strategy for Conforming Voronoi Meshing. By Ahmed Abdelkader, Chandrajit L. Bajajy, Mohamed S. Ebeidaz and Scott A. Mitchellx. CCCG 2017.
  • Reza Ahangarpour: Minimum Perimeter-Sum Partitions in the Plane. By Mikkel Abrahamsen, Mark de Berg, Kevin Buchin, Mehran Mehr, and Ali D. Mehrabi. SOCG 2017.
  • Afrooz Vazifedan: On Compatible Triangulations with a Minimum Number of Steiner Points. By Anna Lubiw and Debajyoti Mondal. CCCG 2017.
  • Mohammad Latifian: Realizing Farthest-Point Voronoi Diagrams. By Grimm, Palios, Shewchuk and Verdonschot. CCCG 2016.

نیم‌سال اول ۹۶-۱۳۹۵

  • Vahidreza Afreshteh: Squeeze-Free Hamiltonian Paths in Grid Graphs. By Damian and Flatland. CCCG 2015.
  • Hossein Pandeh: An Output-Sensitive Algorithm for Computing Weighted alpha-Complexes. By Sheehy. CCCG 2015.
  • Ali Mostafavi: Realizing Farthest-Point Voronoi Diagrams. By Biedl, Grimm, Palios, Shewchuk, and Verdonschot. CCCG 2016.
  • Mohammad Rasouli: A Fast 2-Approximation Algorithm for Guarding Orthogonal Terrains. By Lyu and Ungor. CCCG 2016.
  • Azadeh Mousavi: Counting Convex k-gons in an Arrangement of Line Segments. By Fink, Kumar, and Suri. CCCG 2016.
  • Majid Vaghari: A Competitive Strategy for Walking in Generalized Streets for a Simple Robot. By Tabatabaei, Shapouri, and Ghodsi. CCCG 2016.

نیم‌سال اول ۹۵-۱۳۹۴

  • Mohammad-Hossein Sayyed-Salehi: Representing a Planar Straight-Line Graph Using Few Obstacles. By Johnson and Sariöz. CCCG 2014.
  • Hosein Beigi: Time-Windowed Closest Pair. By Timothy M. Chan and Simon Pratt. CCCG 2015
  • AmirAli Mohammadzadeh: Algorithms for Minimizing the Movements of Spreading Points in Linear Domains. By Shimin Li and Haitao Wang. CCCG 2015.
  • Seyed Mohammad Taheri: Searching by Panning and Zooming. by Prosenjit Bose, John Howat, and Pat Morin. CCCG 2014.
  • Mahsa Eftekhari: Bounds on Mutual Visibility Algorithms. By Sharma, Busch, and Mukhopadhyay. CCCG 2015.
  • Mohammad Sadegh Borouny: Approximating the Minimum Closest Pair Distance and Nearest Neighbor Distances of Linearly Moving Points. Timothy M. Chan and Zahed Rahmati. CCCG 2015.
  • Hadi Moloodi: An In-Place Priority Search Tree. By Minati De, Anil Maheshwari, Subhas Nandy, and Michiel Smid. CCCG 2011.
  • Emad Aghajani: Diversity Maximization via Composable Coresets. Aghamolaei, Farhadi, and Zarrabi-Zadeh. CCCG 2015.
  • Navid Salehnamadi: A Streaming Algorithm for the Convex Hull. By Rufai and Richards. CCCG 2015.
  • Hamed Mahdavi: How To Place a Point to Maximize Angles. By Boris Aronov and Mark V. Yagnatinsky. CCCG 2015.
  • Mojtaba Amirabadian: An Algorithm for the Maximum Weight Independent Set Problem on Outerstring Graphs. By Keil, Mitchell, Pradhan,​ ​and Vatshelle. CCCG 2015​.
  • Ali Mohammad Lavasani: Geometric Red-Blue Set Cover for Unit Squares and Related Problems. By Timothy M. Chan, Nan Hu. CCCG 2013.
  • Afrouz Jabalameli: Approximation Algorithms for a Triangle Enclosure Problem. By Douieb, Eastman, Maheshwari, and Smid. CCCG 2011.
  • Fauteme Mehdipour: Non-Shellable Drawings of Kn with Few Crossings. By Abrego, Aichholzer, Fernandez-Merchant, Ramos, and Vogtenhuber. CCCG 2014.
  • Mohammad Javad Shabani: Computing the Geodesic Centers of a Polygonal Domain. By Sang Won Bae, Matias Korman and Yoshio Okamoto. CCCG 2014.

نیم‌سال اول ۹۴-۱۳۹۳

  • Mahdi Belbasi: Approximation Algorithms for a Triangulate Enclosure Problem. By Douieb, Eastman, Maheshwari, and Smid. CCCG 2011.
  • Hamed Hosseinpour: The -Skyline for Uncertain Data. By: Haitao Wang and Wuzhou Zhang. CCCG 2014.
  • Maryam Chahian Borujeni: Quickly Placing a Point to Maximize Angles Authors. By Aronov and Yagnatinsky. CCCG 2014.
  • Sahand Mozaffari: Disk Constrained 1-Center Queries, By Luis Barba, CCCG 2012.
  • Farzaneh Siampour: Forest-Like Abstract Voronoi Diagrams in Linear Time. By Cecilia Bohler, Rolf Klein, and Chih-Hung Liu. CCCG 2014.
  • Fatemeh Navidi: Packing Plane Spanning Trees and Paths in Complete Geometric Graphs. By Aichholzer et al. CCCG 2014.
  • Mostafa Hadian: Visibility Graphs, Dismantlability, and the Cops and Robbers Game. by Anna Lubiw and Hamideh Vosoughpour. CCCG 2014.
  • Saeed Masoudian: Improved Bounds for Smallest Enclosing Disk Range Queries. By Khare, Agarwal, Moidu and Srinathan. CCCG 2014.
  • Hossein Forghani: Voronoi Games and Epsilon Nets. By Banik, De Carufel, Maheshwari and Smid. CCCG 2014.
  • Hojjat Aghakhani: An Optimal Algorithm Computing Edge-to-Edge Visibility in a Simple Polygon. By Mikkel Abrahamsen. CCCG 2013.
  • Zahra Momtazian-Fard: On the d-Runaway Rectangle Escape Problem. By Roy, Govindarajan, Misra, and Shetty. CCCG 2014.
  • Sepehr Abbasi-Zadeh: Searching by Panning and Zooming. By Prosenjit Bose, John Howat, and Pat Morin. CCCG 2014.
  • Ali Zarean: Routing in a Polygonal Terrain with the Shortest Beacon Watchtower. By Kouhestani, Rappaport, and Salomaa. CCCG 2014.
  • Kiana Ehsani: On k-Enclosing Objects in a Coloured Point Set. By Luis Barba et al. CCCG 2013.

نیم‌سال اول ۹۳-۱۳۹۲

  • Sepideh Aghamolaei: Fault Tolerant Clustering Revisited. By Kumar and Raichel. CCCG 2013.
  • Sattar Sattari: On k-Enclosing Objects in a Coloured Point Set. By Luis Barba et al. CCCG 2013.
  • Navid Jalalmanesh: Maximum-Weight Planer Boxes in O(n^2). By Barbay, Chan, Navarro, and Lantero. CCCG 2013.
  • Nazanin Alipour: The Unified Segment Tree and its Application to the Rectangle Intersection Problem. By Wagner. CCCG 2013.
  • Khadijeh Mashayekh: ​Connecting two trees with optimal routing cost. By Kao, Katz, Krug, and Lee. CCCG 2011.
  • Mehrdad Jafari Giv: One Round Discrete Voronoi Game in R^2 in Presence of existing facilities. By Banik, Bhattacharya, Das, and Mukherjee. CCCG 2013.
  • Mehdi Kharrati-Zadeh: Set-Difference Range Queries. By Eppstein, Goodrich and Simons. CCCG 2013.
  • Mohammad Abouei: Optimal Data Structures for Farthest-Point Queries in Cactus Networks. By Bose, de Carufel, Grimm, Maheshwari and Smid. CCCG 2013.
  • Soheil Behnezhad and Mahsa Derakhshan: Geometric Red-Blue Set Cover for Unit Squares and Related Problems. By Chan and Hu. CCCG 2013.
  • Mohammadamin Beiruti: An Efficient Exact Algorithm for the Natural Wireless Localization Problem, By Crepaldi, de Rezende and de Souza. CCCG 2013.
  • Saeed Haratian: Bounding the Locus of the Center of Mass for a Part with Shape Variation. By Panahi and van der Stappen. CCCG 2013.
  • Seyed Amir Hosseini Baghayi: Faster approximation for Symmetric Min-Power Broadcast. By Calinescu. CCCG 2013.
  • Fatemeh Bahari: Theta-3 is connected. By Aichholzer et al., CCCG 2013.
  • Farzaneh Siampour: Convexifying Polygons Without Losing Visibilities. by Aichholzer, Aloupis and Demaine. CCCG 2011.
  • Hassan Hafez: Minimum Many-to-Many Matchings for Computing the Distance Between Two Sequences. By Mohamad, Rappaport, and Toussaint. CCCG 2011.
  • Khadije Sheikhan and Arya Rezaie: Map Folding. By Nishat and Whitesides. CCCG 2013.
  • Ahmad AsghariyanRezayi: An Optimal Algorithm Computing Edge-to-Edge Visibility in a Simple Polygon. By Abrahamsen. CCCG 2013.
  • Mirmahdi Rahgoshai: Staying Close to Curve. By Maneshwari, Sack, Shahbaz, and Zarrabi-Zadeh. CCCG 2011.
  • Saeed Karimi: Memory-constrained Algorithms for shortest path problems. By Asano and Doerr. CCCG 2011.
  • Behnam Hatami: Planar Convex Hull Range Query and Related Problems. By Jatin, Agarwal, and Kothapalli. CCCG 2013.
  • Saeid Mahloujifar and Ashkan Bashardoost: xy-Monotone Path Existence Queries in a Rectilinear Environment. By Bint, Maheshwari and Smid. CCCG 2012.
  • Davood Mohammadifar: Spanning Colored Points with Intervals. By Khanteimouri, Mohades, Abam, and Kazemi. CCCG 2013.
  • Sadegh Ramezanpour: Approximation Algorithms for a Triangle Enclosure Problem. By Douieb, Eastman, Maheshwari and Smid. CCCG 2011.
  • Rahim Fereydooni: Divide-and-Conquer 3D Convex Hulls on the GPU. By White and Wortman. CCCG 2012.
  • Amir-Hossein Shahriari: Cell-Paths in Mono- and Bichromatic Line Arrangements in the Plane. By Aichholzer et al. CCCG 2013.
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